Printed marketing materials (including posters, leaflets, brochures and business cards) can be incredibly effective when deployed individually. However, utilising multiple types of printed material in a unified print marketing campaign can be even more effective. If you want to launch a marketing campaign that uses various different types of printed media, it’s vitally important to ensure that it is cohesive and integrated. Your printed advertising materials should all feel like they belong to the same campaign in order to maximise their impact. But how can you create this sense of cohesion? We’ve come up with several simple techniques you can use to unify all your printed advertisements and promotional materials.

1. Create unity through colour

One of the simplest and most effective ways to unify your printed leaflets, posters, brochure printing and business cards is to use the same colour scheme for all of them. Big brands often employ distinctive colour schemes to ensure that they are instantly recognisable. Similarly, ordinary consumers tend to associate brands with colours very readily, simply because colours have a huge psychological impact and tend to create a lasting impression. It is therefore worth adopting a colour scheme that you want people to associate with your business and using it in all your printed media. If you’re unsure of which colours to use, try reading our blog post on the effects of different hues: The Power and Effect Of Colour!

2. Leverage the power of slogans

Slogans are incredibly powerful marketing tools: they are easy for customers to remember and can help to shape your brand identity. According to the company Corporate Media Services, slogans have the power to “stick in customers’ minds”. The best ones are “recognisable across the world”. By using the same slogans on all your printed advertising materials, you can create a strong associative link between those materials. What’s more, you can also reinforce your brand’s message. Checkout their article: The Power Of Slogans

3. Make sure your logo is prominently displayed

Ensuring that your business’s logo is displayed in a similar position on all your marketing materials is a great way to ensure that prospective customers associate all your printed advertisements with your brand.

4. Adopt a brand voice

We strongly recommend that you use the same style and tone of writing across your marketing materials. Whenever you incorporate a large amount of text into a piece of printed media, make sure that it is consistent with your pre-existing brand voice. This will help customers develop a clear sense of your brand identity as well as promoting cohesion.

5. Link to your other marketing channels

Printing can be used in conjunction with your other marketing channels to enhance their effectiveness. Ensure that you link your print media with social media handles and your business website, this will create a cohesive marketing strategy among all of your marketing and advertising channels (cross media marketing), which collectively will be more impactful at driving your brand and message than if each channel were carried out individually.

Here at, we’re experts at printing high-quality branded marketing materials for business. By following the advice we’ve given in today’s blog post, you can launch a printed marketing campaign that is both cohesive and effective.


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