The dominance of the internet nowadays is something that simply cannot be ignored. If companies are to be successful, they need to have an effective website and a strong online presence. Nevertheless, do not make the mistake of believing this means you should ignore other forms of marketing. The services that are offered by a […]

It’s easy to forget with the world growing increasingly dependent on the digital that there are still highly effective offline marketing tools that businesses can deploy, and the results might surprise you. With everyone’s head buried in a screen of some description, it’s easy to imagine the only way to reach them is through digital […]

In a digital age, you need to focus your marketing efforts online, right? Not exactly. In fact, according to the DMA, direct mail boasts conversion rates as high as 4.4%, which may not sound much until you compare that with rates of just 0.12% for email. Contrary to the myths around ‘snail mail’, it has […]

The digital age has introduced businesses all over the world to various new marketing techniques. From social media ads to emails, there are endless routes to take to get your company name out there. Yet when it comes down to it, direct mail and printed marketing often has better results. Many people find that they […]

“Tried and tested” direct mail has been vital to marketing since before the digital age, as well as during it. Despite the many online marketing platforms available, businesses find that including direct mail in their marketing mix still has a huge effect. If you are thinking of sending out direct mail to your customers, here […]

You’ve done it! You’ve started your own business. You are without a doubt very excited about your new venture but there remains many months of hard work and determination to start landing customers and growing your business. In order to project your business in an upwards trajectory you will need to generate new leads regularly. […]

While email campaigns and remarketing can be effective ways to increase conversions, most marketers will agree that both can be something of a dark art. Online marketing campaigns often feel like taking a shot in the dark with little or no returns in comparison to the cost and effort it takes to create them. However, […]