Digital advertising may already be out there boasting that it is top of the game when it comes to click rates and other analytics, but don’t forget that some of the most compelling and engaging marketing campaigns still come in print form and their impact can be measured too. Direct mail agencies continue to help […]

Basically,  multi-channel marketing is a combination of both offline and online marketing. Ultimately, the goal of multichannel marketing is to drive sales, generate leads, or enhance brand recognition. Before you start any multichannel or omnichannel marketing campaign, you need to get your house in order. Make sure that your physical business is ready for customers, […]

When it comes to effective offline marketing and brand presentation, it’s easy to overlook the little things. Take envelopes, for example. They’re small, light, and you use them every day. They can’t have any value other than their practicality, surely? Well, actually, they do! Custom envelope printing is a key tool in the arsenal of […]

Targeting customers is something all businesses want to do, but it particularly applies to any small business where you’re still in the process of developing your customer base. There’s no reason that you have to spend a lot of money, customer attention and approval is something you can’t buy. There are however things you can […]

When it comes to connecting with customers, existing or potential, direct mail is undoubtedly a great way to do so. Direct mail gets right into the homes of those you’re reaching out to and ensures you’ll get noticed. There are many types of direct mail to consider, so which one is best for you? 1. […] were featured on the BBC World News, Talking Business Programme where “BBC presenters, based in the world’s most dynamic cities, discuss with the most important and influential people from the world of business and finance, the key issues of the day”[1] On this programme we discussed how the Xerox paperless office has never come […]

We live in a digital, networked world. The internet can be accessed from almost any location and computers seem to be everywhere. As a result, many business owners assume that all consumers can use the web to find out about their products and services. However, despite the ubiquity of online technology, there are still demographics […]