With so many different options available to small business owners, using great graphic design templates is a brilliant way to ensure your printed marketing materials are the very best for your business. Why use a template? As a small business owner you’re going to be used to juggling a lot of different jobs at one […]

You may read the title of this blog post and disagree with it, it’s a bold statement but one which reigns very true, believe it or not the business card is not dead. You may think the business card is an outdated business tool that has been replaced by digital counter parts such as the […]

If you believe that print marketing is dead, think again. Figures from the British Print Industry show print is healthier than ever with the second largest share of UK advertising expenditure at 29.9% and an impressive annual turnover of £13.8 billion. It seems that print is here to stay, but what makes it such an […]

As trends diversify constantly in most realms, print has remained a constant in the marketing world. Despite the rapid expansion of the internet and internet based advertising and marketing, printing remains a lifeline to a number of businesses, services and communication platforms in today’s world. Working in conjunction with one another, the internet has revolutionised […]

The year has started strongly for many and with March right around the corner businesses need to refocus their marketing efforts and making the most of their marketing budgets. It doesn’t matter if your business is multi-national or a small start-up its essential to make your marketing budget go as far as possible for the […]

If you own a start-up business, you will be interacting with other business daily. You may need to purchase stock from wholesalers, for example, or use another business’s services to enhance your own enterprise. If you operate a B2B business, you will also need to sell products or services to other businesses. However, interacting with […]

Here on the PrintUK.com blog, we often talk about the ways in which printed media can help businesses reach out to new customers, grow and develop. However, printed materials can also help independent professionals and freelancers. You don’t have to run a business to benefit from the marketing power of printed media: if you’re a […]