For those who are unfamiliar, compliment slips are often a small thank you note card or note that businesses use to send to clients and customers alongside important documents or parcels. If you’re not using them already, then compliment slips are defiantly something your business needs to consider. Here are the top 3 reasons why: […]

Nowadays it’s easy to assume that digital marketing is the best way to promote your business. After all, why spend money on print marketing when you can market your business for free through Facebook and Instagram? It may be exceptionally easy to write a tweet or send out an email newsletter, but it isn’t always […]

Your business brochure should extol the benefits of your business, promote your products, and sell your services. It can be handed out at expos and exhibitions, delivered to individuals and businesses that form part of your target market, and they can accompany invoices and other communication to upsell or cross-sell your other products and services. […]

Over the years, companies have gotten more creative and diverse when it comes to capturing their target audiences. Today’s era of social media marketing and online campaigns mean that businesses are never out of options when it comes to pushing their brand into the spotlight. But while digital marketing  generates its fair share of business, it’s […]

How do you let a printer know exactly what you want? Whether you are hoping to turn around business cards, publicity flyers or stationery printing for your business, you can’t afford to get it wrong. This handy checklist will help you think before you brief. Save and use it each time. 1. Briefing and design […]

It’s now easier than ever to design and print your own personalised business promotional materials. Cheap printing of leaflets, brochures, posters, business cards, etc, means that all businesses have the ability to promote their brand.  But, when designing your printed promotional materials, it’s essential you ensure you display unified branding. What is unified branding? Unified […]

You might hear about the ‘digital era’ in which we live on a daily basis, and while today’s communication world is almost unrecognisable to that of 50 years ago, there are some things which have stood the test of time. Email marketing is now a readily used strategy in the business communication toolbox – but […]