Maintaining your customers’ interest is one of the biggest long-term challenges of running a small business. Even if you secure a customer’s loyalty with effective advertising, good service and reasonable prices, they may still eventually drift away from your business. If too many consumers stop using your business, your overall customer base can dwindle, thereby […]

Although most small business owners these days understandably prefer storing their contacts’ details in their smartphones rather than a physical address book or business card holder, it is undeniable that most first meetings with potential clients usually involve the exchange of business cards. If your meetings don’t, they probably should. The action doesn’t need to […]

Using print marketing for your eCommerce business may seem incongruous at first, but there are some amazing benefits offered by print marketing that can’t be replicated in the digital world… Print media engages the senses far better than digital equivalents. This makes your marketing far more memorable, as you are adding tactile sensations and even […]

So you have your idea for a new business. You have a catchy name, an innovative product, and are ready to go. But with so much competition in the marketplace, how do you ensure consumer awareness and entice them to your product over the abundance of choice already out there. Well, here at, we […]

As a specialist online printing firm, we regularly help our clients get great results with direct mail, a form of print marketing that – despite what you might have heard – still gets great results and a fantastic return on investment if carried out correctly. Today, we’re going to share some of our tips on […]