Despite the advances in social media and digital influences which affect businesses globally, print marketing remains an essential element of marketing endeavors. You probably think its “old fashioned” or out of date but be assured this is not the case. Marketing is the lifeblood of any start up but it’s easier to achieve than it […]

All marketing campaigns have the same simple goals; find customers, get sales and make money. Making a good ROI (Return on Investment) is essential, and below we have four ways that you can maximise your ROI, for campaign success with printed marketing. 1. Target the right people Making sure that you hit the right target […]

When it comes to physical marketing pieces, the design is essential. Be it flyers and leaflets, banners and posters or brochures and postcards. Your design needs to be eye-catching, striking with a clear layout and a professional feel. Choosing a print company that offers online design templates not only saves you time but also money. […]

Summer is upon us, and this sunny season is a great way to release bright and bold marketing campaigns. The good weather makes spirits soar, so it’s a perfect time to reel in new and existing customers. Direct mail is a super effective way to market your business, as it allows your information to drop […]

Here at, we primarily serve SME businesses and government bodies. However, there is one other major group who can benefit from printed advertising, independent professionals. While printing posters, leaflets and direct mail advertisements are vital marketing tools for businesspeople and professionals, they can also be used by entertainers. All performers need to attract audiences […]

  Your business card is designed to make a great first impression. But are you aware that the use of colour can significantly affect the way that business cards are perceived? Unlike other aspects of design, the colours that you select have meaning. Understanding the psychology that lies behind colour can help you to create […]

In an increasingly digital world, it can be easy to forget about the importance local business has – people love to shop local and building up a relationship with nearby prospects practically guarantees repeat custom, brand loyalty and increased revenues. However, tapping into that local market might not be as easy as it sounds, particularly […]