The humble business card is one of the most underrated tools – yet it could be a great business asset if used correctly.

It’s not just your calling card, it’s likely to be the first part of your branding a potential contact or customer sees. So don’t spoil your first impression. It’s time to learn business card etiquette with seven dos and seven don’ts.


• Leave your business card on a bumph table at business expos or networking events – you never know who may spot it. Considering how cheap business cards are it’s worthwhile to place a few down because potential customers do pick them up especially if they are looking for a specific product or service.

• Make sure all your details are on your cards – including phone, email, mobile, address, website, and social media accounts. But beware not to clutter the business card otherwise it’ll take away from the graphic design, if you’re looking for professional clean cut graphic design checkout our business card templates for inspiration.

• Include your branding, such as your logo and typography, giving your output a consistent feel.

• Swap business cards after a few minutes of chatting with a potential contact about their business and what they need.

• Complement the design, logo, or colour of any business cards you receive – it makes a good impression on the giver and highlights how you have taken a second to look over their business card.

• Give your card face up, the way you’d like your contact to read it.

• Hand them out one at a time, to individuals.


• Leave your cards in places where you’re unlikely to attract customers – or in other business premises without permission. Firstly it’s ill mannered not to ask permission and the act could create a negative vibe about your company.

• Include too many telephone numbers (more than two) as this will confuse potential customers. This creates too many contact routes and doesn’t highlight the appropriate call to action, so we at Print UK recommend using your office line and mobile number on the business card.

• Allow your branding to overwhelm the important details you have to get across. Your main objective is for potential customers to get in touch with you so the most important part of the business card is contact details.

• Thrust your business card at someone the second you meet them. If you’d like to exchange, ask the other person for their card first to illicit conversation. Otherwise it comes over as pressured sales tactics and these aren’t appreciated by the majority of people.

• Put someone else’s business card away without looking at it. This action is perceived to be dismissive and the negative psychological effect could hamper any positives you had going for you prior to putting their business card away hastily.

• Give out battered or torn business cards, or those containing out-of-date information. This is generally unprofessional and remember your card represents you and your company, so start off on the right foot.

• Hand over ten at a time, as this devalues them.

You can read more advice on business card etiquette here: 3 Rules To Smart Business Card Etiquette
Checkout one of our previous blog articles: Top Business Card Tips
Make a great impression with our business cards at

We have an excellent range of business cards from which you can choose. We have long-lasting gloss and matt laminated cards, folding, embossed, shaped, cut-out, and foil-coated cards.

Take a look at our impressive and affordable designs today on  and call 0845 2993 923 if you need some assistance with your business card design and printing.


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  1. […] When you are networking, you can always attempt to take down people’s contact details, hand out phone numbers or email addresses and so on, but if you are at a larger networking event you simply will not have the time to influence all of the people that you want to. In order to make sure that your name really gets out there at a larger event, a business card is something which can be neatly slipped into a person’s hand with a friendly greeting and short conversation, without having to take up too much of someone’s time. When you network, you should be making real, human connections. Eye contact, actual conversation – that’s how genuine working relationships should begin. And, after all, necessary information from the business card can quickly be input into a mobile phone at a later stage. Business cards are a standardised size because of networking events and other products built to fit them i.e. wallets, so ensure to stick to this size. (UK size = 55mm x 85mm & US size = 51mm x 89mm.) Checkout one of our previous blog articles:  14 Vital Rules Of Business Card Etiquette […]


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