With the new year in full swing, it’s now time to begin setting your marketing campaigns into action. If your intention is to reach potential and existing customers in a tangible, physical way that digital methods cannot achieve, direct mail printing could be the way forward for your business. Following on from our post: How To Boost Your Direct Mail Marketing earlier in the month, here we look at four tips to remember when composing your battle plan for direct mail marketing and how these can grow your business:

Where to start

Ensure that the print design of your direct mailer is attention grabbing, brand appropriate and visually carries your marketing message, this can only be realistically achieved by a professional graphic designer or online print design templates. During the concept stages of your direct mail design test different colour schemes taking into account the psychology of colour. Ask colleagues, friends and customers what their thoughts are on the variations of colour and design then use that feedback to create a visually powerful piece of print media.


What to send

High quality printing should be a top priority, but a decision needs to be made on what type of product you’re going to send from folded leaflet printing, personalised invitations, printed leaflets or brochure printing. This will depend on your budget and the content – is the effect you are trying to achieve more suited to a creative or professional look? The use of good quality paper if it’s a letterhead, or alternatives to card (such as PVC) for loyalty cards. If you want to get creative ask for recommendations for print specification and concept mock-ups from the graphic designer and printer.

Choose your printer carefully

This is probably the most important decision you will make in the process of setting up a direct mail campaign. Make sure you acquire a sample pack from a number of printers before deciding which one best suits your needs. Do your research because like with any other industry the quality ranges quite drastically. Budget will obviously come into the reckoning, but have some flexibility – that way you can ensure you enjoy good quality for a reasonable price.

Test the waters

Return on investment is often the bane of many marketing managers’ existence, and in order to get a realistic outlook on what you can hope to achieve from a direct mail campaign, you should set up a test distribution. : How to Test Your Direct Mail Campaign. If the feedback you get from a sample of say 1,000 is negligible, then you need to ask serious questions as to the effectiveness of your print and direct mail campaign, this will highlight if you need to make some tweaks.

Don’t overlook the copy

The power of your message can swim or sink on the strength of the copy it is carried by. Not everybody is a born writer, and for this reason it might be wise to consider the recruitment of a professional copywriter. There are plenty of freelancers available that can write a small section of copy for an affordable price.

Check us out online at PrintUK.com or call us today for free on 0845 2993 923 for a no-obligation chat and a super competitive bespoke print quote on your direct mail print orders!


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  1. […] First, make sure your envelope stands out with stunning graphic design. Really think about your product and new ways to represent it, considering your business branding at all times. If your budget is tight think about using print design templates, which can save money whilst look professional. Think about how you can adapt your printing specification to create the most impactful direct mail i.e. Foiling or Spot UV Flyer Printing to enhance your graphic design. Remember to always include your social media handles or icons in your design so that the potential customers know of other ways to get in contact with your business. Studies have shown that direct mail conversion rate significantly increases when the print media is personalised so create printed envelopes that has the name and address of the person on that you’re targeting. The cost of your marketing campaign might rise as a result of personalisation and postage but your conversion rate will outstrip this increased incurred cost. Add that extra boost by including something in the envelope. It makes the letter into ‘lumpy mail’ and it’s so much more intriguing. It can be a pen, vouchers and folded leaflets or it can be a promotional gift, and it can be cheap. As long as it is not an epic disappointment, it really doesn’t matter as it gets the targeted customer to open the envelope and see your offer and business message.  Five Direct Mail Marketing Tips For 2016 […]


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