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Admit it, you’ve thought about creating a beautifully designed and printed paper invitation for your event, then backed out when you realised how easy it is to invite friends and clients through email or Facebook.

It’s true that digital communications can be incredibly handy when you’re planning your next big bash or intimate soiree, but just as they make it easier to change timings, dress codes or even dates, they’re also much easier for an invitee to forget – or worse, ignore.

Pros of Traditional Printed Invitations

  • Firstly and most importantly they’re cool, stylish, elegant and make the event feel more exclusive immediately. Do you think Vogue sends a Facebook invite or eVite to celebrities and models of their upcoming event or do you think they create and send beautifully designed and printed invitations that highlights the exclusivity of their event?
  • Traditional is still the best way of reaching all targeted guests as everyone has to have an address but are not necessarily on Facebook or other social media. So make sure your Grandma gets her invite.
  • It’s more private, personal and shows that you have put some effort in, which psychologically means that you have put more effort into your event or party, enticing more people to answer yes to the RSVP.
  • Traditional invitations (wedding or not) are printed on paper and have the distinct advantage of a physical object to be held, admired, and on  kept and framed. It’s your design and personality which allows you as an individual or business to show off your style

Pros of Digital Invitations and Online Social Events

  • They’re cheap or normally free through Facebook etc… and easily/quickly created and circulated
  • Guests can respond immediately, which for party planning is a bonus as it allows you to start catering for the number of guests who have responded
  • Guests can see the guest list (which is either a pro or a con, you decide)
  • Changes to the event, i.e. dress code, timing, location etc… can be changed very quickly and easily, which does make the event more fluid, especially if you’ve left it to the last minute and can’t get the venue you were expecting.
  • Guests can chat to one another on the event which allow guests to organise sharing lifts etc…

    (Checkout this great article also looking into the benefits of both digital and printed invitations:

invitation design and printing

Novelty value

When a party invitation drops onto your mat or into your in-tray, it creates palpable excitement. Because we receive so much less mail these days, a letter or postcard that isn’t an advert or a bill is much more of an event for people. If your party has a particular theme, you can even incorporate that into your invitations and give your potential guests a first glimpse of what to expect.

It’s something that people will put in their diaries or calendars immediately, unlike a Facebook or email invitation that could seem somehow less important, lost in the sea of digital mail which we all receive every day.

Wedding stationery 

If you’re planning a wedding then paper printed invitations are a given, but carry your theme through with our stationery printing services – you can choose save the date cards, invitations and more in a consistent style.

Use our postcard and invitation design and printing service online to make your personalised save the date cards, wedding stationery and create a buzz around your special day from the word go – choose a striking photo of yourself and your intended to go on the front and serve as a keepsake for guests, or simply opt for your wedding logo, monogram or a picture of your venue to build anticipation.

You’ll find here at Print UK that we offer everything you need for your next party; whether it’s a corporate event or a personal party, there’s an invite design template available to suit every taste. Remember you can design your own online or give give us a shout if you want a hand!

Still not swayed into the traditional invitation printing route. Why not checkout one of our previous blog posts which might just change your mind : Organising a corporate event? Why personalised well designed invitations are essential.


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  1. […] about the advantages that printed paper communication has over digital communication (Blog Piece: The Advantages of Traditional Printed Paper Invitations Vs Digital Invites), and in the main it serves to make your customers and clients feel more valued and appreciated, […]

  2. I went to a wedding once where they had attempted to deliver their wedding invitations digitally. It was much less well attended than they had hoped. I think that there is something significant about receiving a physical invitation. It says that I care enough that you come that I’m willing to put money into creating and mailing an invitation to you.


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