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Each day, corporate events serve as key opportunities to network with others, gain industry insights and promote brands and products. For this reason, when hosting a corporate event, getting the details of the occasion right is essential. One detail that should not be neglected is personalised invitations. From product launches to fundraisers, retirement parties to promotions, grand openings to team building retreats, personalised invites boost the success of events in a number of ways.

In our modern digital age, it is tempting to send generic invitations to colleagues, prospective and existing clients, and other industry professionals via email or social media. However, be careful not to alienate your recipients with mass emails that leave readers feeling unimportant and unappreciated. Sending a non-personalised invitation to your event definitely can backfire.

There are many benefits to designing, printing and sending personalised paper print cards or digital cards. First, a company that goes to the effort to send personalised print or digital invitations signals to receivers that they are appreciated. These invites demonstrate that event planners didn’t just click ‘send’ on a mass email. Second, personalised invites provide another opportunity for businesses to project who they are as a brand.

Spark the interest of recipients with an attractive and brand-consistent card. Invitations are easy to design online; be sure to include your company logo and select fonts and colours that match your existing branding. You can choose from a range of card sizes, thicknesses, finishes and fonts, giving you more freedom when it comes to the design and look of your event. If you’re struggling for design ideas and need some inspiration there are some great dedicated blogs to have a look at to spark those creative juices i.e. The Design Blog

If you have sent your invitations months in advance, it is also good practice to send a personalised reminder card roughly two weeks prior to the event. An invitation reminder, in addition to refreshing the event in your recipients’ memories, will also serve to emphasise that their attendance is important to your organisation.

Whatever the nature of your event, at printUK we provide high quality invitations that will grab your prospective guests’ attention. With a range of products, including digital invitations and silk coated invitations, you have many options to choose from. Buy now on our website invitation printing.

For all bespoke work please get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.


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  1. […] Following-on from the previous point, one simple test is to check through your content and count the number of times you mention the reader in any way, compared to references to your company. Often, the latter will win the count, and the company will lose out. Aim to have considerably more audience mentions – some of these can be “we” phrases, but only where it’s clear you mean company and customer working together. Checkout out one of our previous blog articles to see the why the personal language is essential: Organising a corporate event? Why personalised well designed invitations are essential. […]

  2. […] Compliment slips are especially useful when enclosed with an impersonal mailing, such as a brochure, to demonstrate to each customer that they are valued as an individual, even though they are one of many in receipt of the same document. Need convincing? Checkout one our previous blog posts, which highlights the effectiveness of personalisation in print and how it is now essential in making your business and brand stand-out from the crowd. : (… ) […]

  3. […] Still not swayed into the traditional invitation printing route. Why not checkout one of our previous blog posts which might just change your mind : Organising a corporate event? Why personalised well designed invitations are essential. […]

  4. A corporate event is successful only when there is huge audience. So personalized invitations are really impact on your event success. Video Invitations grab your audience attention when they open it. Make a video about your event details & create a video invitation & send it via email.


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