When you create online content for marketing, using search engine optimisation techniques is very important. According to the website reliablesoft.net (link at the bottom), SEO is vital for websites because it empowers them to “improve their search engine rankings”. It helps customers find the websites they need by making sure they include relevant keywords and […]

Your logo is your company’s number one visual asset, which is why the look and feel needs to stay consistent across all your branding. That’s why you need to set some basic rules on colour, typography, tone and layout. What’s a style guide and why do I need one? How do people remember and identify […]

Printing and print marketing is a highly effective way to market your start-up business. Below we’ve listed out some of the best ways you can increase brand awareness and sales through printed marketing materials. Network If you’ve just established a start-up business one of the key challenges you will face is a lack of awareness […]

Three seconds. That’s how long the average consumer looks at printed leaflets or flyers before making a snap judgement. Not long, is it? So the personality of your brand, the purpose of the leaflet, and the benefit to the customer needs to be ultra clear. Here’s how to make your leaflet design more compelling and […]

Do you work as an entertainer? You might be a musician, an actor, a street performer or even a parlour magician. Whatever type of entertainment you offer, you may not consider yourself a businessperson. After all, you do what you do because you love to amaze and delight people, not because you want to develop […]

When it comes to the printed materials your business relies on, from the envelopes and letterheads you send out to the internal documents you use, it’s so important to ensure the print you’re using is high quality. You can use print marketing to communicate with your clients, customers, suppliers and staff and to market your […]