Building a strong brand is vital to the success of any business. For a number of years marketing teams have used promotional products as part of their marketing campaigns to build brand recognition. A fantastic article by Richard Larson, ‘The Power of Promotional Products for Brand Recognition’ draws upon research conducted by The British Promotional […]

Colours are inspirational and can do many things in business, from conveying company values to stimulating action. Today, we will be examining the effect of colour in design, and showing you how to use colour in your printed leaflets or brochures to get your message across : Red Typically, we think of red as conveying […]

The power of branded stationary is often overlooked, understandably you might think your business doesn’t use a lot of paper-based products, but the reality is all businesses will. From business cards to letterhead paper and branded envelopes, the chances are if you aren’t using these, we strongly advise you start to. Not only does it […]

Direct mail is a tried and tested marketing method and despite our dominated digital world it’s still a strong marketing tool for business. Where emails often get lost or ignored, it seems the majority of people still look through their each morning, increasing your chances of getting your business noticed. There are plenty of ways […]

Postcards are rarely used for advertising. Nonetheless, they are actually one of the most powerful promotional and advertising tools at your business’s disposal. According to the website Business Know How, postcards “can ‘brand’ you and your business in a way that most marketing materials cannot”. What’s more, “postcard marketing is affordable, even for the smallest of […]

February holds the day we celebrate Love, largely through the means of paper, the traditional Valentine’s Day card. Often overlooked since the rise of the digital marketing, print still holds an incredibly important place in the marketing mix, believe it or not Print is NOT dead. As a tangible marketing method it generates credibility for […]

Business cards are one of the most useful tools a white-collar professional can own. They may seem a trifle old-fashioned, but business cards are genuinely indispensible, even for new, modern businesses. In fact, they have immense practical, psychological and symbolic value. What’s more, they are essential for real-world branding and networking. The practical advantages of […]