Brochures are ideal for B2B marketing for a number of reasons. They combine the best aspects of books and leaflets. Their book-like format means that they can contain a great deal of important information. However, they can also be read quickly and easily because they have stylistic elements similar to leaflets. They can be presented […] were featured on the BBC World News, Talking Business Programme where “BBC presenters, based in the world’s most dynamic cities, discuss with the most important and influential people from the world of business and finance, the key issues of the day”[1] On this programme we discussed how the Xerox paperless office has never come […]

Surprisingly, yes there is a strong relationship between your business’s branding and your office stationery. Unfortunately however a number of businesses overlook the importance of stationery, who even bothers to look? That is where you are mistaken. A lot of the time business stationery can look dull, boring and far from eye catching giving off […]

  As a modern business owner, you almost certainly use online advertising and marketing to promote your business. If you run a mid-sized enterprise and have sufficient funds, you may also advertise on the radio and television. However, if you don’t also use printed adverts and marketing materials, you may not be making the most […]

As a business owner, you are probably aware that a well-designed corporate letterhead can make your stationery look more professional. However, you may be unsure whether it’s worth investing in custom-printed letterheads. You may believe, for example, that they aren’t crucial to print-based marketing campaigns in the same way that posters, brochures or flyers are. […]

We live in a digital, networked world. The internet can be accessed from almost any location and computers seem to be everywhere. As a result, many business owners assume that all consumers can use the web to find out about their products and services. However, despite the ubiquity of online technology, there are still demographics […]

Immediately you probably think paperless. We are constantly met with the feeling of guilt when we use paper and its alleged impact on the environment. Print however is not as bad as some may think compared to its digital counterpart. Printing provides a tangible, credible means of communication and arguably can be more reliable than […]