It’s time to start thinking about your brochures in a new way. No longer do they need to function as repositories of knowledge – you’ve got a website for all the mundane detail. Your brochure now functions as a glossy takeaway, more like a high-end lifestyle magazine, packed with stunning imagery and featuring a high […]

As a business owner, you will often need to send printed information and messages to clients, customers and business associates. Sometimes, you may choose to write out a full letter on corporate stationery that features your business’s custom letterhead. However, if you only need to convey a short message or a very small amount of […]

Ask any successful entrepreneur about their first business name and they’ll probably wince. We know what it’s like when you’re hit with the sudden rush of inspiration and excitement. You feel like you can’t wait to see it printed on a beautiful 400GSM silk matt laminate finished business cards, with the name in embossed font. […]

Not all businesses sell their products or services directly to consumers. Many companies sell to other companies. If your business offers wholesale products of any sort, you’ll probably sell more of them to businesses in the retail sector than to ordinary consumers. Alternatively, you might offer a service that other businesses need to succeed, such […]

When it comes to the graphic design of your company literature i.e. leaflets to annual reports, choosing the right colour palette is very important. Colour can heavily influence people’s spending habits and behaviour. If you look around at established business brands in a variety of sectors, you’ll notice a pattern of colour selection emerging, and […]

Here at, we can produce printed media on a host of different substrates, typically we print on: silk, gloss or uncoated (offset) finish, depending on your requirements. Whether you’re creating a printed brochure, a poster or a leaflet, it’s important to choose the right finish. Your printed media’s finish can alter its overall aesthetic […]

If you’re designing posters for print, you want to make sure they’re as effective and eye catching as possible to get your message or your product out there. Here are a few questions to ask yourself, if you’re a small business or a graphic designer hoping to avoid some rookie mistakes. 1. Does my design […]