One of the core advantages of print-based advertising is, it enables businesses to reach a wide variety of different demographics. Not all demographics are likely to encounter or be swayed by televised adverts, internet advertising, radio adverts or other forms of digital media. However, printed marketing materials such as printed posters take up physical space […]

As we’ve discussed in many previous blogs, print advertising is a very effective tool for promoting your business locally and nationally because it stands out, sticks in viewers’ minds and can reach a wide variety of different consumers in a cost-effective way. But did you know that print advertising can also be used in your […]

In a digital age, you need to focus your marketing efforts online, right? Not exactly. In fact, according to the DMA, direct mail boasts conversion rates as high as 4.4%, which may not sound much until you compare that with rates of just 0.12% for email. Contrary to the myths around ‘snail mail’, it has […]

The digital age has introduced businesses all over the world to various new marketing techniques. From social media ads to emails, there are endless routes to take to get your company name out there. Yet when it comes down to it, direct mail and printed marketing often has better results. Many people find that they […]

It may sound insignificant, but adding the little extra touches to your business cards, flyers or leaflets before printing really can make a difference. In a world where anyone can go on the internet and order business cards, printed flyers, posters, brochures, leaflets, letterheads and stationery, for everything from dog walking, to freelance singing, to […]

Printed materials are essential for all schools and all educational facilities. With the educational sphere becoming a more competitive market, promoting your school has never been so important.  Despite the changes in Ofsted regulations which require schools to have a website the importance of print should by no means be overlooked. With tighter school budgets […]